This section contains useful information on a range of business topics.

Identifying and preventing fraud
Minimise the risk of fraud to your business.
Most common fraud risk factors
Eleven of the most common fraud risk factors for your business.
When you suspect employee fraud...
Suspecting an employee of fraud can put you in a difficult position.
Work and travel
Ideas to help make your business trips more successful.
Working from home
The do’s and don’ts of home working.
Protecting against disaster
Your business should have a strategy for dealing with disaster.
Could your business survive without you?
Plan now to protect yourself, your family and your business if the unthinkable happens.
Getting more from your business meetings
Tips for more effective business meetings.
Health and safety
Useful health and safety checklist.
Helping the environment - and your business
Using energy efficiently could significantly reduce your running costs.
Leasing equipment
Checklist for what to consider when leasing.
Relocating your business
Relocating your business requires careful planning.
7 ways to protect your business against a downturn
Protect your business against economic downturns.
Use corporate giving to improve your bottom line
Corporate giving can make a substantial contribution to your profitability.