Other essentials

Some more key tax and business topics...

Charities in England and Wales: trustees' responsibilities
The main responsibilities for charity trustees.
Husband and wife businesses
The tax and legal issues of owning a business with a spouse.
The National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage
Ensure you are compliant with all the rates.
Salary sacrifice
A guide to the tax and NIC advantages.
Employer supported childcare
An introduction to the rules governing ESC.
The Construction Industry Scheme
Rules for contractors.
How to gain the most from your accounting records
Reducing the time needed in your accounts preparation.
How long should you keep books and records?
A guide to the rules for record retention.
Capital allowances
An introduction to the main capital allowances.
Take care to avoid a penalty
Make sure your tax affairs avoid an HMRC penalty.
Cash basis for the self-employed
An overview of the new cash basis for calculating taxable income.
Employed or self employed?
How to determine whether you are employed or self-employed?