Birmingham East Accountants and Tax Advisers

Mr. Abdul Sattar ACCA and Mr. Fakhir Aslam

Mr. Abdul Sattar ACCA

Mr. Abdul Sattar (ACCA) is a qualified Accountant having sound knowledge & skills of Accounting and Taxation. He has more than 6 years’ experience of tax planning, Corporation Tax, Personal Tax, VAT, and Payroll. He worked with numerous successful businesses & individuals in diverse sectors and played a vital role in their Success.

Mr. Fakhir Aslam

Mr. M F Aslam B.Com, MBA has over 18 years of multinational business experience. He has worked for and owned numerous successful business in diverse sectors. He has vast exposure in Production, Marketing, Finance Management and Administrations.

We understand the challenges faced by the business today and we are passionate towards helping businesses become efficient. We provide a range of highly professional and personalised services suited to your needs and facilitate you to achieve your ambitions and goals.


Mr. Abdul Sattar ACCA and Mr. Fakhir Aslam

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