Direct Debits

No matter what type of business you are Direct Debits are a cost-effective way to collect regular payments and ease your cashflow.

Cash flow is a vital part of the success of any business, and one method of achieving a positive cash flow is the implementation of a direct debit system.This will enable your business to collect regular payments from customers and ensure that bad debt is minimal. Your clients do not have large payments to make each year, and your business benefits from a regular cash flow coming in.

Certax Accounting has partnered with the leading direct debit provider London and Zurich. This means that we can help you implement a direct debit system within your business with minimum fuss. Whatever the size or nature of your business, or whether you are a limited company, partnership or sole trader, we can help you install the correct direct debit system which meets your needs. Certax Accounting can also provide you with ongoing advice before and after implementation.

Customers can spread the payments for the services your business provides. Therefore the direct debit system encourages them to seek and pay for the services and products most suitable for their business.

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