Business Plans

Having a tax-efficient business plan in place is crucial.

If you require a business plan or cash flow forecast, Certax Accounting can help you. Whether you are looking to start a business or raise funds for an existing business, a well-presented business plan is the starting point for you to assess the viability of the proposed project.

Lenders will be looking for a detailed business plan, documented to show the profitability of the proposed project and presented professionally. Your business plan should show the geographical area you intend to cover during the operation of the project. It should also include a clear and viable numerical sales prediction along with the cost of a corresponding marketing campaign necessary to achieve the sales forecast.

It will need to show that you have considered the ability of the business to repay any finance raised, cover all overheads incurred and personal withdrawals. Your business plan will then need to be summarised into a projected Profit and Loss Account, stating the amount of funding required along with any capital provided by the proprietor.

If you are looking for a credible business plan to put your case before a lender convincingly and professionally, let Certax Accounting assist you all the way.

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