Property Tax Planning

Having an effective property tax plan in place is crucial.

Where rental income exceeds the related expenses, a profit will occur that is subject to income tax. At Certax Accounting, we have a team of specialists who can advise on many Tax Planning courses of action which would minimise any tax due on income from your rental properties.

Due consideration should be given to who owns the property and the tax advantages of joint ownership where this is appropriate. Obtaining tax relief on all the allowable expenditure for the property, along with claiming relief on any loan interest incurred, would result in reducing the tax liability. Your local Certax Accountant has the capabilities to deal with all these matters and more besides.

Upon the disposal of such properties, we can offer tax planning advice to mitigate any capital gains tax. If the nature of your rental income falls into the “furnished holiday lettings” category, special tax rules apply that can help you. Whatever your needs are, be sure to contact your nlocal Certax Accountant.

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