Self Assessment Tax Returns

Self assessment tax returns are notoriously complex, and many individuals can be susceptible to making errors.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns have been around for many years and have been a means of allowing individual businesses to assess their tax liability since 1996. Certax Accounting has the expertise and necessary software tools to comply with the self-assessment legislation requirements and submit the appropriate forms on or before the deadline dates.

Compliance and submission are, of course, important aspects of ensuring that your business is up to date with the latest requirements. At Certax Accounting, we endeavour to go beyond this and ensure that we offer a thorough tax planning service so that your self-assessment tax liability is minimised as far as is legally possible.

A key aspect of our service is that HMRC is aware of the high professional standards in operation within our network of Accountants. It is this high standard of professionalism that can minimise the risk of an enquiry into your tax affairs by HMRC.

Contact your local Certax Accountant for a fixed price quote to have your self-assessment tax return completed by a competent professional Accountant.

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