Tax Investigations

HMRC has the power to investigate your business and financial affairs, and selection for such an investigation is often at random.

Tax Investigations can be a very costly and time-consuming experience that no business wishes to experience. Fortunately, by using the services of A Certax Accountant, you would be represented by a network of Professional Accountants whose standards have been industry-leading since our organisation began in 1999. As such, we will minimise the risk of an HMRC investigation from the outset.

This does not mean that your business will be completely immune from HMRC investigations. Some enquiries are on a random basis. Ultimately, all businesses have some risk of being subjected to tax investigations. To deal with such situations, Certax Accounting can offer you a Fee Protection service which would effectively cover the costs involved in dealing with the enquiry from beginning to end.

You would, therefore, have complete peace of mind that if such an event were to happen, your Local Certax Accountant would oversee all the work that would be necessary to satisfy the Revenue up until they agree to close the enquiry.

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